Our About Us… is really About You.

With a company name like Surface Solutions, your problems are our business.  And we love the challenge!   One of our customers calls us the “MacGyver of the flooring industry.” Ok, I’ll admit we use more than a bent spoon and duct tape but we embody the spirit.

Founded in 2009 Surface Solutions has grown into a premiere service provider for a broad range of surface issues. We only use next generation technologies installed by our network of professional applicators.

We have a portfolio of niche products, process, and services for surfaces which are only best-of-breed, niche solutions.  We don’t do “me too.”

And while others claim leadership, we prove it:

  • Inventors of the only safe to use, safe for the surface micro-etch, anti-slip treatment for tile and stone. The only product in the category sold through distribution and national retailers.
  • Innovators of a process for Slip Resistant Polished Concrete = Beautiful floors for you and safer walking surfaces for your customers and employees.
  • Graffiti removal with just hot water = No harsh chemicals for the environment and cleaner more inviting stores and buildings for you.
  • Nano-scale sealers = greater stain resistance and easier to clean surfaces.
  • We do more DCOF testing for tile & stone manufacturers than any other 3rd party testing service = Expert advice.

Surface Solutions® is the leader in maintaining a clean and safe environment, it’s our passion. We are your one stop source to repair or reengineer a broad range of surface issues. From increasing slip resistance, to sealing and stain protection, to implementing a program for care and maintenance or addressing graffiti issues, Surface Solutions has a tool or service to solve the problem.

We have an IDEA for you.

Challenge Us with your Surface Problems and we’ll give you Surface Solutions!