Grocery Store Solutions

Grocery Stores and Deli’s are notorious for Slip and Fall accidents when their polished concrete surfaces go unprotected. Everyone has experienced the call for “mop in isle 6” at one point or another, so its natural to want to protect your patrons from unnecessary slip and fall risks.

Surface Solutions has invented a new process to increase the coefficient of friction by more than 50%, compared to traditional polished concrete.

We call it “Embedded Etch”


Utilizing Surface Solutions, InvisaTread® Slip Resistant Treatment and a proprietary process of embedding the InvisaTread® micro etch treatment within the polishing process; the Coefficient of Friction (COF) of polished concrete can be enhanced in areas of higher slip risk. Our embedded etch process maintains all of the final polished look, visual clarity and reflectivity of the polished concrete process.

This is the ideal solution for all Grocery Stores, Deli’s, Restaurants, or any location where polished concrete flooring exists.

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