Slip Resistance for Hard Mineral Surfaces


What is COF?

To understand how InvisaTread® works, first we have to understand Coefficient of Friction (COF).

Definition of Coefficient of Friction (COF):The measurement of resistance to friction as related to the effect of how smooth or rough a surface is to prevent material to “slip” across the surface. COF is measure two forms:

  • Static COF (SCOF): the force applied to start moving
  • Dynamic COF (DCOF): force applied when moving

Industry Standards:

Passed in 2012, the ANSI 137.1 DCOF Standard for Tile is the first industry standard to define a method for testing and minimum threshold for friction.

This new standard calls for:

  • >.42 wet DCOF
  • As measure by the BOT3000, using the AcuTestSM Method
  • Additional specification information to maintain and/or enhance COF (as needed)

InvisaTread® is formulated to increase WET DCOF to:

• >.42 -Dynamic COF (DCOF)

InvisaTread® is not a coating, but rather a safe and effective micro etching process that works on most hard mineral surfaces without changing their look, feel or color.

Treatable surfaces include:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Honed Stone
  • Polished Concrete**
  • Slate
  • Glazed Brick
  • Sautillo, and more….

*InvisaTread® is Not for use on Polished Marble, Polished travertine or Polished Limestone

** Contact Surface Solutions about The Embedded Etch Process.

compositeUntreated                                              Treated                                Magnified 500x

The InvisaTread® family of slip resistant solutions help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents at home, work or play.  InvisaTread® is a revolutionary micro-etching solution that makes tile, stone and other mineral based surfaces less slippery by cleaning out and creating new micro-pores in the surface, increasing the Coefficient of Friction (COF).

Etching tile has a checkered history of tarnishing and creating hard to clean surfaces.   InvisaTread’s innovative formula does not alter the look or feel of most surfaces and creates the perfect blend of slip resistance and cleanability.

InvisaTread® is NOT a coating, so there is nothing to wear off, nothing to re-apply!  The only way to degrade the effectiveness of the InvisaTread® treatment is to fill in the micro-pores with dirt, waxes or film forming sealers, or physically grinding down the surface.  So just keep the surface clean with a non-residue forming cleaner/degreaser like TractionWashTM Tile and Grout CleanerTM and the InvisaTread® treatment will be effective for years.

Treatable surfaces include: – Porcelain, Granite, Travertine, Ceramic, Brick, Concrete, Terrazzo, Limestone, Slate, Quarry tile, and more…

*InvisaTread® will hone Polished Stone surfaces (Marble, Travertine,
  Limestone, etc.)