Permanent and Semi-Permanent Graffiti Protection by Surface Solutions


Is Graffiti Art or Vandalism?
It Really Doesn’t Matter, If You Don’t Want It on Your Building!

To some graffiti is art.
To many this is only true where the work is permitted, encouraged or commissioned.
To most it’s vandalism, and the sign of a community or business owner that doesn’t care, or can’t afford to constantly take care of the problem.

“Graffiti contributes to lost revenue associated with reduced ridership on transit systems, reduced retail sales and declines in property value. In addition, graffiti generates the perception of blight and heightens fear of gang activity” reports the U.S. Department of Justice.1  The appearance of graffiti is often perceived by residents and passers-by as a sign that a downward spiral has begun, even though this may not be true.

Unfortunately the solution to a graffiti problem is rarely a remove it and forget it scenario.  Graffiti “artists” love a blank canvas and the minute you paint over old work they strike again.  One graffiti tag begets another, and so on…  Sound familiar?

Solving a graffiti problem takes a consistent, persistent removal effort as relentless as the taggers themselves.  These “artists” want to see their creations.  They’ve put time and effort into them and if you remove the graffiti quickly, taggers will get the message and move on to find another canvas.  It’s called the Broken Window Theory.

Surface Solutions service based model ensures that you are always protected.  One call and tags are removed quickly, with no shadow.


  1. Deborah Lamm Weisel, “Graffiti,” U.S. Dept of Justice Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Series No. 9, (2002).

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Protection

Surface Solutions provides a range of graffiti removal AND anti-graffiti protection solutions.  Removal is performed by our network of pressure washers or you can paint over the tag and start with a fresh surface for us to protect!   That right, we said  PROTECT… FROM… GRAFFITI!

We have permanent solutions like Stonewalled Graffiti™ for unpainted, unsealed porous mineral surfaces like stone, concrete and brick; and semi-permanent solutions like Stonewalled Sacrificial™ for just  about everything else, including: metal doors, painted or unpainted stone/cement/brick, EFIS, Lexan, vinyl, stucco… and more.

For your toughest graffiti problems and in highly prone areas, you can build a solution that starts with a layer of permanent and has a layer of sacrificial on top for easier removal and added protection.

Our trained installers utilize our own next generation products to solve your graffiti issues and keep all of your surfaces free from tags for years.


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Doesn’t newly poured cement look nice, clean and inviting… like a grand opening!   A store or restaurant you like to visit or would be proud to own.

Hey we love gum just as much as the next kid.  Who doesn’t like a little Big League Chew or Hubba-Bubba every now and then?  But when Big Red lasts a little longer by sticking to that newly poured cement and becomes a round black mess, that’s where we draw the line.  Even after calling in the big guns there’s still a black shadow to remind you of the gum that didn’t sit in the kids stomach forever, like mom warned.

What if we told you you can keep that sidewalk and entrance looking like opening day?

Stonewalled Sealer™ inhibits gum from bonding to the surface.  Gum is removed with an auto scrubber or light pressure washing.  But best all… NO SHADOW.