Slip Resistant Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the fastest growing category of flooring since the late 1990s.  With better tooling and advanced techniques, a talented polished concrete installer can transform an ordinary slab floor into a work of art.  With top notch visual clarity and reflectivity, polished concrete is ideally suited for big box venues, grocery stores and more.

Concrete is becoming the flooring of choice for architects, designers, and builders since it is widely recognized as a sustainable building material and contributes toward achieving LEED certification for most types of construction projects under the USGBC green building rating system. Polished concrete is growing in popularity due to its ease of cleaning and reduced need for specialty floor finishes and waxes (as opposed to  previously recommended VCT flooring systems).



Many customers have concerns over the slip resistance of polished concrete.  Traditional acid etching commonly used to enhance the Coefficient of Friction (COF) of walkway surfaces would alter or tarnish the shine of polished concrete.  While coatings in high traffic areas will show traffic wear patterns as they degrade.

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The Embedded Etch™

Surface Solutions has pioneered a new process to increase the Coefficient of Friction by more 50%, compared to traditional polished concrete.

Utilizing Surface Solutions, Slip Resistant Treatment and a proprietary process of embedding micro-etch within the polishing process; the Coefficient of Friction (COF) of polished concrete can be enhanced in areas of higher slip risk.  Our Embedded EtchTM process maintains all of the visual clarity and reflectivity of the traditional polished concrete process but is more slip resistant.