Urban Surface Protection
Powered by Stonewalled™ Sealer


Are you plagued with expensive pressure washing budgets and still stuck with gum stains and discolored surfaces?

Surface Solutions is dedicated to protecting architectural surfaces. Utilizing our best of breed Stonewalled™Sealer; porous surfaces will be protected with the strongest sealer / treatment in the category.


Long term protection against foreign contaminants

  • Inhibits organic and bacterial infestation into porous substrates
  • Longevity of up to 12 years residential and 8 years commercial.*
  • No change of optical appearance or surface friction
  • Protection of entire surface from premature deterioration
  • Substantial reduction of cleaning time, costs and maintenance frequency
  • Reduction of cleaning chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly
    *Project specific warranties to be written for each application project

Benefits of Stonewalled™Sealer

  • Reduced cleaning expenses; shorter cleaning time and frequency.
  • Full breathability of treated surfaces. Reduced efflorescence.
  • Reduced cost of application; One application vs. competitors multiple applications.
  • Ultra repellant surface; effectively repels: Water, salt, oil, chewing gum and much more. Proper care and maintenance will have reduced staining from contaminants.
  • Chewing Gum Removal; gum easily removed with light pressure washing or floor scrubbers without residual staining or marks. NO SHADOWS 
  • No change in slip resistant properties; Nano-technology is non film-forming. Treated surfaces will maintain slip resistance.
  • Surfaces may be treated with Stonewalled™Sealer to enhance Coefficient of Friction (COF) and treated with Stonewalled™Sealer while maintaining full properties of both treatments.
  • Easy Ice and Snow Removal; Ice and snow formation begins on top of the surface rather than penetrating into the concrete or stone. Due to lower absorption, less melting salt and time is needed.
  • Surface Protection; Due to lower absorption from acid rain, smog, salt and the freeze/thaw cycle; surfaces treated with Stonewalled™Sealer should last longer with reduced costs from cracks and fissures.
  • Longevity; maintains the longest warranty in the industry for penetrating surface treatments. With only one application needed for initial installations and limited need for Stonewalled™Sealer revitalizing treatment periodically, the initial investment is quickly recovered.