Next generation penetrating sealer for porous mineral surfaces

Surface Solutions is dedicated to protecting architectural surfaces.Our proprietary water-based treatment, Stonewalled™Sealer protects against a majority of water and oil based contaminants such as: gum, bird droppings, uric acid, motor oil and other substances which cause severe stains are expensive to remove or cause permanent damage.


Stonewalled™Sealer is a water based, ZERO VOC are, urban surface treatment for porous mineral surfaces. Stonewalled™ Sealer is invisible and does not change the surface friction or feel. Once applied, it transforms porous mineral substrates into hydrophobic and oleo phobic surfaces that repel water, oil-based contaminants and other stains. Stonewalled™Sealer will give the surface non-stick properties, inhibiting the chemical bonding and absorption of pollutants. It also protects mineral walls from graffiti and inhibits paint penetration into the surface.

Treatable Surfaces:

• Stone
• Limestone
• Travertine
• Granite
• Concrete
• Brick
• Masonry
• Pavers
• Marble
• Grout and More


  • Reduced cleaning expenses; shorter cleaning time and frequency.
  • Full breathability of treated surfaces. Reduced efflorescence.
  • Reduced cost of application; One application vs. competitors multiple applications.
  • Ultra repellant surface; effectively repels: Water, salt, oil, chewing gum and much more. Proper care and maintenance will have reduced staining from contaminants.
  • Chewing Gum Removal; gum easily removed with light pressure washing or floor scrubbers without residual staining or marks. NO SHADOWS 
  • No change in slip resistant properties; Nano-technology is non film-forming. Treated surfaces will maintain slip resistance.
  • Surfaces may be treated with Stonewalled™Sealer to enhance Coefficient of Friction (COF) and treated with Stonewalled™Sealer while maintaining full properties of both treatments.
  • Easy Ice and Snow Removal; Ice and snow formation begins on top of the surface rather than penetrating into the concrete or stone. Due to lower absorption, less melting salt and time is needed.
  • Surface Protection; Due to lower absorption from acid rain, smog, salt and the freeze/thaw cycle; surfaces treated with Stonewalled™Sealer should last longer with reduced costs from cracks and fissures.
  • Longevity; maintains the longest warranty in the industry for penetrating surface treatments. With only one application needed for initial installations and limited need for Stonewalled™Sealer revitalizing treatment periodically, the initial investment is quickly recovered.