Surface Protection

Different surfaces need different kinds of protection. Every Surface Solution starts with identifying the surface type.
Is it tile, stone, concrete, brick, terrazzo,etc?
If stone, what kind?  Is it porous? Is it sealed or coated?
If terrazzo, epoxy or cementitious?  Is it waxed or coated?
Is the staining localized or surface-wide?
Is the staining one particular containment or type?
What is your cleaning regimen? What chemicals do you use?

These are just some of the question we help you answer so we can recommend the right solution for your surface.

From working with the owner/architect/builder on specification, managing the installation of demos or mock-ups, or testing option for your particular needs, environment, wear or traffic your surface needs dictate the solution.

Surface Solutions is dedicated to protecting architectural surfaces with proprietary treatments, cleaning processes and custom designed care and maintenance programs for any facility size large or small.

Whether it is protecting walkway surfaces from gum stains or other contaminants, wood and textiles, polished concrete, coping and patios around salt water pools or from unsightly and damaging graffiti, Surface Solutions is here to heed the call.

Challenge us with your surface problems
and we’ll give you Surface Solutions!

For more detailed information on particular surface challenges click on the links below.