How We Tackle a Slippery Tile/Stone Situation


Our IDEA Process is the Roadmap

We work with you and your team to find the root cause (sometimes causes) of the slippery situation and find the right slip resistant solution.

We use our BOT3000 to as the tool and the new ANSI 137.1 Standard for Tile, and the prescribed AcuTestSM as a guide, to find the right slip resistant solution for your surface.


For tile and stone slip remediation we first look at your cleaners, methods and equipment. We’ve solved many slip problems by just changing the cleaner, technique and/or equipment using our specialty cleaners like TractionWash™ or Off The Hook™ or just recommending specialized cleaning equipment [hint: its not mopping].

For surfaces that are slippery even when clean, we have an arsenal of slip resistant solutions to choose from.

Innovative Etchants

Anti-slip solutions like InvisaTread™ to safely treat the surface. InvisaTread™ is a micro-etching solution that increases the DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction, a.k.a. traction) with out changing the look of most surfaces. Unlike other etching solutions that use harsh and dangerous chemicals that have a history tarnishing the surface and destroying the glaze;  InvisaTread  is safe for the surface and the applicator.  Our controllable etch allows us to dial in just the right amount of traction for your surface, environment and use.

Next Generation Clear Coatings

We know InvisaTread™ is not the right solution for every situation. Polished stone like marble, travertine, granite and limestone have a honed finish when treated with InvisaTread.  If you like that honed/matte look then InvisaTread™ might be the right solution.

But for luxury hotel lobbies and prestigious offices nothing impresses like polished stone. Unfortunately, polished stone is almost always slippery when wet.  Meet the Holy Grail of slip resistant polished stone – TractionShield.

TractionShield™ is an innovative coating technology for polished surfaces.  It shines like a wax but never needs to be stripped and forms a hard as nails finish that shines like glass but is slip resistant.

High-Tech Anti-Skid Coatings

Where changing the look of the surface is a consideration we look at coatings like:
TractionCote™ with a clear finish but visible aggregate, or TractionCotePRO™ which comes in colors and has more, larger aggregate for commercial/industrial executions.

We show you options, discuss costs and weigh the pros and cons of each solution to help find the right slip resistant solution for you.


Once approved, we handle all aspects of the project management; coordinating with your operations management we schedule one of our Factory Certified Installers, facilitate access and ensure quality application.

Audit & Maintenance

We can provide audited documentation of the enhanced DCOF. And because you can’t just walk away from a slip problem, we make sure to stay involved by recommending on-going cleaners, techniques and equipment to maximize the effectiveness and longevity of the Solution.  We can even schedule periodic deep cleaning and re-audits to check the effectiveness of the Solution and cleaning/maintenance methods.

At your request, we can recommend cleaning companies that have experience with our Solutions and how to maintain them, or train your current company or in-house crew.

Challenge us with your surface problems and we’ll give you Surface Solutions!